Roger Stephens of Chester

Piano Tuition, Recitals, Musical Accompaniment, Guided Tours, Illustration work and Lectures

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Useful Links

Here are a few links to organisations and individuals who are either referenced within this site, or work with Roger on a joint project.

The Associated Board of the Royal College of Music
The homepage of the standard examination board for most classical music in the UK can be found at
Pianist Profiles
This is an international directory for both Piano Tutors and Players. Their home page can be found at
First Tutors
Another international directory listing for professional tutors of many disciplines, including music. Their home page can be found at
Piano Accompanists
This is a UK directory of Piano Accompanists. Their homepage is
Valerie Watts
Valerie is a successful Operatic Soprano, based in the Southport area. Her homepage is
Gordon Emery
Gordon is a writer and publisher of books having a local interest in Cheshire and North Wales. His website is
Pen and Sword
Pen and Sword are publishers of books dealing mainly - but not exclusively - with historical warfare. Their website is
Wildlife Workshops
This organisation based in Cheshire, manages a variety of workshops with wildlife in mind. All workshops aim to show how to find the species, understand its distribution, the links with the landscape and its past management. Their homepage is
Cabaret Noir
This organisation based in Chester, have delivered some critically acclaimed burlesque-style cabaret evenings, set in the 1930's. Their homepage is